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released July 2, 2013

Recorded/Performed by Chris Lent
Dustin Foxworth - backround vocals on teeth



all rights reserved


RA-DOG Zanjan, Iran

Chris Lent

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Track Name: VULTURES
Observe the serpent coiled around his own tail
Just watch the slither trail tear into grey
these lines in sand they will fade into feet
the bottom of the arches become the web where we meet

I watched the city disintegrate
i watched it fall into its ocean grave
I took the heart and let it float into space
this outlined shadows that keep us awake

I fell longer for shorter blips of time
hidden capsule you make perfect lines
(the vultures are preying on my decaying mind)

Get it out my head right now
Track Name: OPHIUCUS
We felt insane and our lines they grew
We're losing movement
in the waves we move

We'll be the same with the close talk groove
We're losing movement
in the waves we move

Hey little lightning, with your bitter kisses
I'll be the master
You can be the mistress
If you got a secret I don't want to keep it

Hey little grinding, why you so persistent?
I'll be the talker
you can be pretentious
If you got a secret I don't want to keep it

You march in rhythm
You break them stones
You let those chains cut through to your bones
and when its night fall you still can't go
Momma's gonna cry all night till your home

I can feel my heart beating
and my mind needs relief from this day
Well when the devil comes around
tell him i have the debt I've yet to pay
Track Name: TEETH
We're staying placid under silver lights, dear
Don't deliver my human motivation
Don't make me feel this fine
My lungs and my face are vibrations

Look for plastic while still so alive, dear
Let's stay here for just another year or two
You know we really shouldn't leave this night
and with each word my tongue starts to cut through

I feel like I'm never going to sleep again
i don't need too normal of conventions

I see you glowing on this moonless night, dear
We're drifting through the clearest illusion
You shouldn't see me as a complete stranger
I swear we met last life or the predecessor

Lonely Lonely,
you're going to ruin my home